Central America : Belizean Adventures

For anyone who’s explored Central America or the Caribbean, the beautiful country of Belize has probably been in the queue for potential places to visit. For us, Belize was the only choice – more specifically, the small settlement village of San Pedro located on Amergris Caye. Just for a little bit of history: Belize was formerly British Honduras, and is now an independent Commonwealth realm on the eastern coast of Central America. Belize is bordered by Mexico to the north, and to the south & west by Guatemala. The beautiful waters of the Carribean Sea surround the east of Belize.

The 30 minute flight in our puddle jumper aircraft from Belize City (the capital of Belize) to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye was one [flight] which we’ll never forgot! The plane seemed to just barely clear the end of the blacktop runway and catch enough uplift for takeoff – but, it somehow happened . . . and we were on our way! We’d never flown in such a tiny aircraft – one which was equipped with a whopping 8 seats. Despite the size of the aircraft, which only seemed to become increasingly smaller as we gained altitude, the views were huge – sweeping panoramas of the verdant jungles, snaking rivers and crystal clear waters – outstandingly beautiful.

IMG_0083 Flying above the jungle near Ambergris Caye – a jungle which is filled with every type of flora including the beautiful Red Tail Flowers as well as a variety of fruits, such as Annato and Allspice.
Outside of San Pedro


As we landed in the tiny Central American city of San Pedro, located on the southern-most region of Ambergris Caye, we were instantly shocked – not only by the beauty we’d witnessed from the air, but also the third-world feel as we stepped off of the airplane. Everything about San Pedro was different from any other country we’d visited during our travels around the globe, including the primary mode of transportation, which is golf cart – everything was perfect and we knew an adventure was ahead of us!


As this was our first visit to Central America, we were unsure as to what we’d find upon arrival. To our pleasant surprise, we were greeted by friendly faces, including the immigration officers, shop-keepers and locals, all who welcomed us with open arms to their small country. We knew immediately we had chosen well in terms of the country we wished to visit during our first trip to Central America.

Upon arrival to San Pedro, we were taxied via golf cart from the terminal a/k/a ‘garage’ to the most incredible, relaxing, and accommodating resort on the Caye, being Ramon’s Village. While we did take advantage of the affordable jet-ski rentals and the thrilling open-water shark scuba dive at the Aug Hol Chan Marine Reserve, our Central American getaway was primarily gear towards R&R. Ramon’s Village was perfect and suited our every need, including booking excursions as mentioned above.


Ramon’s Village – Perfecto!
Ramon’s Village : the beach “hang-out” area


Ramon’s Village offers dive site trips, including the famous ‘Blue Hole’ at their dock located on-property!



The food – ahhhh . . . so wonderful and so fresh. The fish tacos were out of this world!


After filling up on fish tacos, we headed out to the Reef for the dive of our lives! A big thumbs up and thank you to our guides! Just a 30 minute boat trip from Ramon’s Village to the Hol Chan Marina Reserve on the Reef will yield an experience of a lifetime! A must-do when visiting Ambergris Caye.


All in all, Ambergris Caye was fantastic and the ultimate destination for anyone who’s looking for relaxation and/or adventure!


Thanks for stopping by – safe travels!