No Compass Wanders was established by Joshua and Lindsey in 2017 as a space to share their travel adventures with like-minded individuals as well as those who may be unable to experience nor ‘see’ the world in-person.

While Joshua and Lindsey did have their passports stamped prior to becoming married in 2011, however, after tying the knot, their wanderlust spirits were fueled all the more, and their desire for exploring the world only increased – it has been full throttle for 7 years and there’s no end in sight!

From exploring the narrow passageways in the enchanting Venetian-like village of Piran, Slovenia to riding camel-back through the vast golden sands of the Bidiyah Desert in Oman, Joshua and Lindsey have chosen a different path in life – a path which leads to uncertainty. A route less-traveled and one which you may find them wandering . . . with no compass of course.