Fearless or Not, Push Forward!

Fear can be crippling.

It can keep us from chasing our dreams. Or it can keep us from enjoying or embracing our day to day lives. It can keep us away from journeying on magnificent adventures.

But you see, our lives were not meant to be lived in fear. Of course we might feel fear, it usually can arise and will arise in our every day lives. But, are we going to let it rule the day? That is the question.

Satan wants to keep us trapped in fear. God understands that we feel fear, and that is why in His word, He reminds us, comforts us, reassures us, and even commands us to not be afraid….”Do not fear, for I am with you.”

Fear can keep us teetering on the fence about a big decision that we need to make. We know what our hearts desire and want, but fear can hold us back from embracing and pursuing what we know the answer to that decision is or SHOULD be.

I’ve recently felt fear with moving to a new city. Of course, that’s only natural. Moving to a new place, away from your comfort zone, family and friends, the life that we worked on making….that is scary. There were moments when I truly felt flat out scared, and I expressed my fears out loud in prayer to God. There were moments when I questioned if we were doing the right thing, and I know I’ll naturally still have those moments, but that was when I had to talk to God. Voice my fears out loud to Him. It’s a scary thing to give up control and fully trust God, and to not worry, but we have to. This is God’s desire of us. I know I haven’t completely trusted Him throughout the whole process of moving, but there have been times where I’ve stopped myself, my thoughts of “what if’s” and all the worries that pop up in our heads and simply say out loud, “I can’t worry about that.” And I imagine simply handing it to God.

It was scary, nerve wracking and emotional leaving our home in Tyler last week…leaving behind so much, and heading out into the unknown, the unfamiliar. It’s just like traveling. Whenever I’m about to step on a plane, knowing my destination is foreign to me…it is scary, but it’s also exhilarating and exciting. And what do you have to do despite the fear that sits on your chest? You get on the plane anyway.

And fear can honestly keep us at home, just sitting on the couch. Letting life pass us by.

This is a reminder for myself, and I hope this helps others, too.

Don’t let fear cripple you. Feel the fear, but don’t let it be your master. Get on that plane…that ship. Sail the seas. Feel the wind in your hair….live life with your arms wide open. And then you can turn back and look at that fear that is far behind you, and you can laugh at it.

And you can smile, knowing that… you didn’t let it win.


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