What does it mean for one to “travel with no compass”?

Josh and Lindsey, the writers and photographers behind this blog, “No Compass Wanders”, believe that this phrase to “travel with no compass” could take on a myriad of meanings depending on the individual contemplating it. We suppose this phrase could be answered in a literal manner, however, we choose to answer it this way: to travel “with no compass” means to uproot from the certainty of the present and move forward beyond what is known – beyond what is comfortable and to be outside of one’s element, with no route mapped — to be off the beaten path.

We have always been filled with the wanderlust spirit. To explore the unknown. We have traveled to numerous destinations across the globe, from our time of living abroad in New Zealand, to exploring an ancient village that few have ventured to, in Piran, Slovenia. We have explored a portion of Europe, but the gypsy soul in us longs to go back and discover every nook and cranny…to find the truly off the beaten track places. To travel without a compass is not easy, but it is something that we strive for in our travels . . . the idea of going where the wind blows you, to both be free spirits, and to not have everything mapped and planned out. As Lao Tzu wisely says, “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.”

It is our heart’s desire to share with you all our experiences of traveling. We hope that through our writings and through our photographs, that you as the reader will feel that you are right there alongside us on all of our journeys. We hope to inspire those fellow gypsy souls to take the leap of faith and just go do it. Go travel! Do whatever it takes, but if it is your dream, then you have got to follow it.

And always, always remember that, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien